2013. május 14., kedd

Country dekor..

Színes country dekorációk ..

Country Decor “Watering Cans”. I would purchase one of these to water my plants-if only I hadnt killed them all


Chicken stencil for adorable country decor! http://blog.cuttingedgestencils.com/stenciled-chickens-two-overlay-stenciling-technique-for-country-decor.html #stencils #CuttingEdgeStencils #CountryDecor

more country decor.. GREAT idea now that we decided to turn the office into a 5th bedroom, and we lose the coat closet in the Foyer. Jar for Pens, Loose change, etc... and the hooks for Keys. Maybe even make it Larger with a HIS and HERS jar, one on each end, with Key hooks, and a few heavier Coat Hooks!

A french country look for your kitchen. This very cute cafe curtain is the perfect curtain for french country decor.   Burlap is dry clean only.     Dimensions: Listing is for 2 panels of the following size.   Each panel is 28" long and 36" wide, $40 .00 price is for 2 panels this size.

HA I have these in my kitchen, baught them at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago, for only $14.00 for both..... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Pretty Pots. French Floral Cachepots. Great way to hide boring plastic flowerpots. Perfect for art brushes and cutlery too.

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